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Hari has been coaxing me to maintain a blog spot for myself.  We already had the domain I gave it a lot of thought and realized that it would be fun to start blogging. Now, the idea of  having this listed as public was not very tempting, as I have always felt that it is  good to have a few innocent secrets in any family, but the topics were vast. I can always dicuss politics, books, movies, hobbies & career in my blog and I do have my own opinions and finding the time to blog is all that matters.

I happened to come across an article in CNN today (2/19), of a young 11 year old girl poet who takes on Taliban with her pen. Her poem reads ‘Tiny drops of tears, their faces like angels, Washed with blood, they sleep forever with anger”. And her inspiration is US President Barack Obama. Her mom was quoted saying that her only child Tuba is worth more than seven sons and seven daughters. Such children who is wise and brave beyond their years need to be applauded! May her wishes come true.

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